Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | May 7, 2009


Although math has never been my strong suit, I couldn’t help doing some simple calculations the other day as I was making my boys’ lunches. The typical turkey with lettuce on a roll, gogurt, string cheese, baby carrots and either an apple or banana. My boys complain its always the same; there’s no originality. So that got me thinking. With three boys, at roughly 180 school days a year, three lunches a day starting with pre pre K and right on through senior year high school, I will have made roughly 8000 lunches. You’d think with that many lunches I’d be able to honor their request and mix it up a bit. And occasionally I do. Salami, grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly. Sometimes I get really original and slice pickles over cream cheese. But at 8000 lunches you have to figure there’s going to be some repeats.

So off I go to the deli counter and order ham, provolone, pepperoni, tuna fish salad and egg salad. I make the new sandwiches, mix up the fruit, try a new fangled Greek style yogurt and get those cute little Laughing Cow cheeses but the complaints still continue. I don’t like this, too much of that, I couldn’t finish everything, I was still starving. Then I got to thinking. How do I really know where the contents of these carefully thought out, expertly prepared and packaged lunches are actually going. Do they end up in my children’s stomachs or in the trash or possibly are they being traded with other kids. If I ask, how do I know I’ll get the whole truth. If I spy my kids will be mortified. What are my options here?

So after much deliberation and after my kids hit the middle school (where hot lunches are served if a child chooses to purchase), I did what any parent seeking some lunch sanity might do….I went back to my standard turkey sandwiches and gave them the option to buy. Now, I don’t hear the complaints, they get a choice and the only thing I ask is that good food does not end up in the trash. 8000 lunches…I still can’t get over that staggering number.


  1. Lucky Dad! Middle School lunches were “gross,” so it continued until high school, where only “dorks” bring their lunch. Last 2 off to college this fall. Those turkey sandwiches will be remembered fondly. So will you. You really seem to love parenting and kids in general, Ofer. Would it be possible to clone you?The world needs more of you.

  2. Hi Ofer – I checked it out – fun blog. Just want you to know that EVERY SINGLE day of 7th grade I ate a tuna fish sandwich, a bag of pretzels and a bag with carrots mixed with some olives. In 8th grade I had a salami sandwich – EVERY DAY. my mom used to beg me to take something else but I was a creature of habit. Eventually I started buying lunch but your 8000 lunches reminded me of those Junior High lunch days. Now I eat at the Millburn Deli most of the time. My whole family is hooked on sloppy joes.

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