Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | May 9, 2009

Kids Take Back Your Baseball

So I’m sitting at my kid’s little league game and I’m noticing that the only ones really into the game are the parents. Parents cheering (and yelling) from the sidelines, parent/coaches yelling at the players from inside the dugout, parent/umpires yelling out balls and strikes. Where are the kids? Why are they not heard? They seem to just be listening to all the yelled instructions floating around them. The poor kids are up at bat trying to read the third base coaches ridiculously complicated hand signals. Other kids are being yelled at in the dugout and the balance who may be lucky enough to be on base are yelled at when to run, steal or stay put. Where has all the fun gone? Suggestion: kids take back your sport. Reclaim baseball as your own. Get rid of us parents, coach yourselves, call your own balls and strikes. Take the game off the manicured playing fields and put them back on the sandlot. For that matter, get rid of the parents for all your sports. What do you need us for anyway?



  1. Amen…or better yet…gt out the violins, cellos and guitars!

  2. Ah yes. When my son watched a brawl between parents break out during his game, he was disgusted, and I was embarrassed to be in the stands while the kids stood on the field shaking their heads. Unfortunately that was his last season in the game.

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