Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | May 17, 2009

Want to give camping a try?

“That Sounds Like Fun….NOT!!!!”

You ever sit in the car with the kids or home watching TV and an idea pops into your head that sounds like good family fun?

“Hey kids let’s go camping?”

“Why don’t we go skiing?”

“Anyone up for some horseback riding?”

These and many more wholesome family activities sound terrific in concept. But get out there and tell me you actually had fun. Take skiing, or for that matter, snowboarding since we are a snowboarding family. Decided to take the kids somewhere close, a local resort like Mountain Creek. The packing of the hats and gloves and schlepping to the store because who doesn’t have snow pants and whose are too small and whose are not cool. And finally when all the paraphernalia is packed waking them up at the crack of dawn to get a jump on the day and they’re all complaining and driving all the way up and parking in the mud-filled lot and standing on line for equipment and then on another line for tickets and then finally, if you’re really lucky, wedging into what you hope is the last line for actually getting up the mountain. It is now several hours since you left home and you are on your first run. And lets just say you all get down the trail okay, and let’s even say everyone is okay with their equipment and no one has to exchange anything. Now its time for lunch. Find a “safe” place to put your stuff and pray it does not get stolen. Navigate the human traffic in the lodge to fight for your overpriced burgers, fries and drinks. Fight, literally fight, for seating, disrobe, eat, get dressed again, get your equipment (assuming its all there) and get another run in. You manage a couple more runs??? Wow, good for you. Now take the amount of money you dropped divide it by the number of actual runs you had and tell me how much fun you had.

Now let’s go horse-back riding. The drive, saddling up, the riding guide, the smell, the pain in your youknowwhatskie…you get the idea.

Want to give camping a try?


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