Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | May 21, 2009

Musical Talent

I have three sons. The oldest plays electric guitar, the next in line plays piano and the third has expressed an interest in the drums. I have indulged the first two their instrument of choice; to the third boy I have expressed my interest in him picking something else — the flute possibly. Simply put, I cannot take the noise level anymore. The oldest began on the acoustic guitar. Simple melodic folksy kind of songs. I was happy, my boy was happy and life was good. Then the young boy got a little older. His musical taste changed and so did his instrument. The acoustic gave way to the electric guitar (with, of course, its massive amp) and “Puff the Magic Dragon” succumbed to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”. Whereas I used to sit in the adjoining family room and listen to my son during his lesson while I read the paper, now I must leave the house and keep a considerable distance to maintain my hearing and sanity. Come along son number two who also began in a very pleasing, easy listening manner on our baby grand.
Well, it didn’t take long for his older brother to corrupt him and put images of a garage band in his head. Keyboards, amp and alternative rock soon took over the baby grand and once again I was forced out of the house.
So you can only imagine it did not take long for son number three to take up the cause and feel the need to complete the family rock band by taking on the drums. I, of course, saw what I was in store for and cut him off at the pass.

“No, my love, you cannot take drum lessons. Drums aren’t even a real instrument,” I tried to explain. “How about the saxophone?” I suggested.
“Better yet, the flute.”

Naturally, my suggestion was met with a roll of the eyes and the internationally recognized teenage look that says “Dad, don’t be an idiot.”

Well, Dad may very well be an idiot in my boys’ eyes, but I assure you my garage has just enough room for the SUV that sits in it with no extra space for a drum set.


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