Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | June 2, 2009

No Eating or Drinking in my Car

When I finally got my new car I decided to finally put my foot down. No more eating or drinking in our new Chevy Tahoe. The kids had completely trashed our old car and I was not about to let that happen again. They were in an uproar.

“What about drive-thru’s?” they pleaded. Were the days of Wendy’s and White Castle drive-thru’s over they asked?

“No”, I replied, “we’ll just get the food home … then eat it.”

They yelled and screamed that it’s not the same. They had to be able to munch on their fries in the car. They had to bite into their pizzas while they were steaming hot. I held firm. I was not going to allow our new Tahoe to go the way of our old Durango — petrified chips under the seats, soda and juice stains on the seats and carpeting, candy and gum stuck everywhere. No, this car was going to remain pristine.

Our first trip to McDonald’s proved to be a successful test run. We ordered away, took in our food through the window and off we were headng home. The smells were driving us crazy and it was everything in my power to stay tough. Despite their pleas, I did not succomb and not a morsel was eaten before we got home. The car remained unblemished and the kids slowly began to accept the new rules. That is, until one day my oldest son noticed a stain on the car’s driver side carpet.

“Dad, what is this?” he asked.

Before I could respond he put his nose down to the carpet and began to sniff around.

“Coffee!!” he exclaimed.

The gig was up. I had been caught. The new car smell went right out the window and was quickly replaced with the familiar smells of double cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets, beef burrito supremes and shrimp lo mein. It did not take long for the kids to discover that the Tahoe made for an even better mobile restaurant than the Durango. With more cup holders and bigger arm rests (not to mention the DVD player), it served well as a makeshift dinner club with built-in entertainment. Score another victory for the kids. Seriously, what chance does a dad have against an army of persistent kids, GM engineering and a sea of fast food drive-thrus.



  1. I read this. I especially loved and related to the pet one. I could have told you about the mice because my sister had them growing up. Alvin and Louie. They stunk. They’re all terrific. The car food. The prositituting yourself for rides. I like the way your blog is laid out, too, very readable. I’m going to become a regular reader. Check out mine: and give my your friend’s number because mine just looks like word files downloaded, which it is.

  2. Less than 25% of all coffee cups are properly sealed by the user. Especially those whose lids come with the “spout” we all love so much. In addition, you should take 2 to 3 sips of the said coffee before driving away. You have no one to blame for that coffee smell but yourself, my friend.

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