Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | June 24, 2009

One party too many

If you subscribe to the notion that the best part about going on vacation is coming home, then I trust you’ll agree that the best part about throwing a party is when the guests leave. With three boys and the end of school fast approaching and with little league baseball and travel soccer coming to an end, I have had my share of parties. Each boy has had an end of season soccer party, a baseball team party and an end of school year party. Although math is not my strong suit, that comes to just shy of ten parties in the span of just a couple of weeks.

My fellow parents have been helpful and generous and we divided the tasks of preparationa and clean-up fairly. But that many parties with that many kids and that much noise is too much for anyone to handle. And although the parties make my kids happy, and the coaches enjoy giving their speeches and the parents enjoy commiserating about the trials and tribulations of the school year, it’s still just too many damn parties. No more chips and dip, no more burgers and dogs, no more homemade macaroni salads and brownies. Lets please, just for a little while, stay home where it’s nice and quiet.


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