Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | July 15, 2009

a quiet house

Wow. So the kids are all away at summer camp and the house is quiet. Really quiet. Minimal food shopping to do, a fraction of the laundry and complete control of the TV remote. What’s more…the strange feeling of not being responsible for any kids. No getting them up in the morning. No lunches to make. No homework or after-school activities or sports to shuttle them to. Nothing, nada. And suddenly you get a glimpse into the not too distant future. The future when the kids are all out of the house. That future is not that far away and its a little bit scary. Because you know that once it comes that’s it. It’s here to stay. And there’s no going back and the kids are all grown up and with each passing day you’re needed that much less.

I say this not to bring the reader down but rather to encourage the reader to embrace the moment. Enjoy this short, maybe month-long, respite. The kids will come home again and they will need you again and they will be demanding of your time and require your help and at times they will be annoying. But having seen a tiny glimpse of the future, of your quiet empty nester future, maybe just maybe you will jump to assist them when they ask or drive them someplace you have no desire to go to or prepare them a snack that they could easily have prepared for themselves. Or maybe you’ll just grab them in your arms and squeeze them tight and silently whisper “Please God, don’t let them ever grow up.”


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