Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | July 22, 2009

Freedom from Children

Norman Rockwell may be known for his famous “Four Freedoms” illustrations (freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear), but I have a new one — Freedom from Children. With the kids gone and having fun at sleep-away camp, it’s amazing to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about them. Not worrying to wake them up for school, or make lunches, or drive them around for their after-school activities or supervise homework or make dinner, or best of all, not having to go food shopping. I have not been inside a supermarket in three weeks. I LOVE IT !!! On top of all that, I actually got to travel. The kind of travel that does not involve having to call home all the time to check that the sitter arrived and that the kids have rides and carpools and food and got to school, etc. This trip was completely carefree and my girlfriend and I worried about little more than where we’d be traveling that day and where we’d be eating that night.

Freedom from Children. Freedom from caring for them, freedom from worrying about them, freedom from shuttling them around and feeding them and breaking up their sibling fights. Just complete and utter liberation from the day-to-day menial parenting tasks. And occasionally during our travels, we’d get on our computers and check in on our kids and see their cute little faces on the summer camp web cam and see that they’re happy and guess what…that made it all the more liberating because when your kids are happy–you’re happy.

We had a great trip, came home and a few days later drove up to see my boys up at camp on their visiting day. We exchanged good stories and cool adventures and hugs and kisses and some junk food and at three o’clock that afternoon drove out of the camp gate and right back into my remaining week of Freedom from Children.


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