Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | August 6, 2009

Signs of maturity – doing the crosswords with my 12 year old

You know your 12 year-old son is getting older, wiser, more mature, worldly, knowledgeable, whatever you want to call it, when the two of you are sitting together doing a crossword puzzle and he’s actually coming up with the answers. And here’s the kicker — its the New York Times crossword no less!!! When did this happen? Before he went off to Sleep-away camp I distinctly remember him and I happily sitting around laughing over our bathroom humor jokes and fake (and often real) fart noises. Now, this kid is doing NY Times crosswords (given Monday and Tuesdays only) and I’m still sitting around looking for laughs off my fart noises (mostly fake).

I feel like we have passed yet another benchmark in our father/son relationship. He no longer rides on my shoulders, he has no more baby teeth to lose, he has graduated our neighborhood elementary school and now he shows me up on crossword puzzles. Talk about feeling old. Well, what can I do? Maybe I’ll keep the sudokus to myself for just a little bit longer.


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