Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | August 9, 2009

My kids and their summer travel plans

What happened to those summer days when my boys and I were all together? Going to the beach, a lake, up to the country for a few days. Now, my life is contained in a simple three mile radius and my boys are all over the place. My big guy just came back from a cross country trip with a busload of fellow teenagers touring around the U.S., all the big cities, national parks, various attractions, clubs, the works. The next were at sleep-away camp but when I went to visit them on visiting day one of them informed he that he decided to stay for another month. He didn’t ask me…he informed me. The other guy did in fact come home at the end of his first month at Summer campbut only for a week. Just enough time to do a couple of loads of wash and get ready for the next leg of his tour–up to the Berkshires to a sports camp.

Between the three of them, they’ve covered a lot of ground, logged in thousands of miles and visited a whole lot of places this summer. They have barely been home and on those rare occasions where they have been, its mostly to prepare for their next adventure. I’m happy for them. In my next life I want to be them. But what can I say? I miss them. Thank God I still have Sammy, our shepherd/husky mix. She still follows me from room to room, we go running together and she appears to still enjoy hanging out together in front of the TV. But I’m getting nervous– I noticed her leafing through some travel brochures the other day.

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