Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | August 24, 2009

Bar Mitzvah Season (aka the kids are growing up)

With my twins entering 7th grade, this marks the official beginning of Bar Mitzvah season. School has not yet begun and already on my desk are no less than nine invitations and dozens more are expected in shortly. I just took my boys clothes shopping for these upcoming events and picked up a stack of occasion-appropriate cards. For the next God knows how many weekends, they will be rushing from sports events to various area synagogues to watch their friends get bar and bat mitzvahed (verb?). Then off they go on Saturday nights to awaiting buses where they will be whisked off to country clubs and night clubs and reception halls to eat and dance the night away. Not bad! They’ll come home from each event with a shirt or sweatshirt or bag or some specialty item with the bar mitzvah boy’s name emblazoned across.

This is the year of the Bar Mitzvah! Is this what our forefathers had in mind??

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