Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | August 31, 2009

My summer camp reunion

Today we held our 25 year camp
reunion. 25 years can do a number on a person but its funny how everyone was so recognizable to each other. Somehow, it felt as though we had been frozen in time and in the same way we each feel like a kid inside, that is perhaps the way we still saw each other. For the most part, the people who attended were in their forties. Growing up, forty seemed terribly old to me. Someone forty was an adult, old, was possibly going to die soon. Now that I am 46 and still feel not much smarter or any more mature than the kid I used to be, I feel like I’m not that old anymore. Maybe I can hang on for a couple of more good years. Maybe I’m not as ancient as the kid who was once inside me once thought. And today, for a handful of special hours this afternoon, that is the way I saw my old friends. We were young again. The 25 years that had somehow slipped away from us had been momentarily erased. Time had come to a standstill or perhaps had even reversed itself. And there was magic in the air as I sat there reminiscing with my special summer camp.



  1. It’s always good to reunite with old friends…

  2. When we are children we do childish things, when we become adults and meet childhood friends we see how childish we really were

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