Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | September 4, 2009

I love going to sporting events, but can’t deal with the crowds. Any suggestions???

Went to the U.S. Open Tennis last night. Took two trains to get there, fought through the crowd, barely ate a thing because we refused to pay those outrageous prices. Stayed for two matches which took us well past midnight, missed our train connection back and ended up take a cab all the way home from Queens at a cost of more than what the tickets themselves cost us. So much for sporting events. This is why I don’t go to Jet games or Yankee games. I can’t take the traffic and the crowds and the cursing and yelling and all for what?? To say I was there? Aren’t I better off in the comfort of my own home, planted on the couch, within easy reach of my remote and a short stroll to the fridge and all with the benefit of replay?

My poor kids are the only ones who suffer my sports arena phobia. They get to these games with friends and family members but I feel guilty that I am robbing them of those sentimental memories of going to a ballgame with dad. I play all sports with my boys: throw a ball around, soccer, lots of tennis, snowboarding, waterskiing. You name it–we play it. I just can’t take the whole sports arena thing. Is there help for me out there????



  1. Best suggestion, go to less popular events LOL

  2. I choose to watch my sproting events from the comfort of home

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