Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | September 18, 2009

The kids are back in school (summer is officially over)

So the kids are back in school. Back to early morning alarm clocks going off, making lunches while its still dark out, drop-offs and pick-ups and after school activities and weekend travel soccer games. My summer life (with kids at camp) as I knew it is over. Back to school night is around the corner and I will soon take guided tours of my kids’ classrooms and teachers. I will hear about their various course curriculum and I will sit there and feel a tremendous sense of relief that I am no longer in school. That I don’t have to control my adult ADD and sit through 45 minute classes. That I don’t have to suffer through hours of homework. Study for and take exams. I hardly remember going through it the first time. I feel bad for my poor kids. All that work. All the personal drama. Boy am I glad its behind me.



  1. Time sure does fly when you are having fun

  2. Think of all of the free time you are going to have now!

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