Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | September 23, 2009

As an author, where do I get my ideas?

I never know where my next book will come from. The first two ” Summer Sleep-Away” and its sequel ” That Same Summer
” were born out of my own childhood experiences at sleep-away camp
. Maybe a little embellished, maybe an adventure or two borrowed from a good story I heard, but essentially my memories. The material for Escape From Sunday School was, for the most part, a compilation of what I managed to piece together while eavesdropping on conversations of my own children with their friends as I drove them to far away soccer games or served them snacks in our basement or around the pool.. The trick is to try to fool them into thinking that you are NOT really listening to them. In order to get the rhythm and cadence of their speech, to pick up on the lingo they use, the subjects they discuss and all the good stuff you must become invisible.
When I learned just how deeply they all seemed to hate Hebrew school or CCD, that was when the idea for “Escape From Sunday School” came to me. Similarly, my upcoming book — “The Celebrities of Summer School” — was inspired by one of my sons and his friend who took a movie camera and ran around for three days like two idiots. A week later after much editing and some at school marketing, 28 kids showed up at my house for a screening of their movie. I was not permitted in the TV room (except to serve the popcorn and drinks) and had to listen to the cheers and yelling and hysterical laughing from the kitchen. TRUE STORY!! Thus, “The Celebrities of Summer School” was born.

Please feel free to comment on this blog and share with me where you get your ideqas.



  1. Your new book sounds great! I can’t wait to get it for my kids!

  2. I am planning to write a book one day, and this is great advice! thank you

  3. That is great! I’ve learned that books based on real experience have greater meaning and make for better reading

  4. Your books are great! I’m especially a fan of Escape from Sunday School and I cannot wait for your latest book!

  5. My kids love your books! keep up the great work.

  6. I’d love to get your new book as soon as it comes out!

  7. That is great! I find it amazing that your kids are your source of inspiration

  8. I think its really great that your kids motivate you to write!

  9. I always wondered where authors got their ideas. Thank you for clearing it up for me

  10. wow, that is a great place to get your ideas and I’m sure your kids think so too!

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