Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | September 30, 2009

A few thoughts on my Jewish identity and parenting

My Jewish affiliation has been steadily declining ever since my Bar Mitzvah.
I am 46 so you can imagine the depths to which I have sunk, religiously
speaking, for the past 33 years or so. No more Friday night services, no
more Saturday mornings, essentially no more trips to synagogue (not even on
the high holidays). PERIOD. When my kids were younger I tried. I really
tried. But it just wasn’t my thing. I was born in Israel, speak the
language, but the tallises and yarmulkes and prayer books and all that
“congregation please rise and sit” business was just not for me.

So now, I make sure to use that time wisely. If the kids are off from
school we go somewhere together. No friends, no phones, no travel soccer
games. It’s just us preferably somewhere outside. A long drive, a hike,
hopefully a good talk. A day of bonding with my kids and maybe just maybe a
little time spent appreciating all that we have and just how lucky we are.
Those are my High Holy Days.



  1. i’m right there with you!
    nature is my cathedral;
    connection’s divine

    Sounds Lovely! Thank You and Cheers!

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