Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | September 30, 2009

What ever happened to Autumn (comforting sights and sounds of Travel Soccer Season)

You know its fall when travel soccer starts up again. I swear, this thing
called “travel soccer” is so big and so demanding and has such a presence in
our lives, it should really be its own season. Winter, spring, summer, fall
and travel soccer. It has its own weather pattern, hot and cold fronts and
usually involves a well-in-advance forecast. Our lives most certainly
revolve around it. It has the power to change a family gathering or a
birthday party. And it dictates which events we attend. We take it very
much into account when planning our weekends and check our emails twelve
hundred times to look for any new developments (cancelled practices, changed
fields, directions to games, last minute changes).

Seriously, what happened to Autumn? That used to be my favorite season.
The cool crisp air, the leaves turning color, pumpkin and apple picking.
Travel soccer has just completely swallowed Autumn up and spit it out.
There are no more walks in the park or scenic hikes to enjoy the foliage.
No, now its wild screams in the garage:

“Where’s your shin guards?”

“What are you doing??? !!! The coach said you’re wearing white today not

“Grab a water!!!”

“Oh my God!!! I’m the snack parent…I forgot the oranges!!!”

“Where are those @#%^&* directions??!!”

Ash, the comforting sights and sounds of Travel Soccer Season.


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