Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | November 10, 2009

To go to Sunday School? Or not to go to Sunday School…?

sunday school

Am I a horrible father if I allow my kids to miss Sunday school every now and then? I think it’s one of those lose-lose situations. If I force them to get up early and go then I feel like a mean father. If I let it slide I feel guilty that I’m not doing my job as a parent. What to do?

My kids are all good students, do their homework, go to school every day. It breaks my heart to see them get up at the crack of dawn (so to speak for a weekend) to attend a class about things I don’t believe much in myself. But hey, I’ve been doing it for years. Now, as they’ve gotten a bit older and a whole lot more vocal, they are voicing their protests loud and clear. I am hearing them, feeling their pain and on those rare Sundays when I want to keep them at home for myself and spend some quality time with them, I give in to their demands, acquiesce and let the Sunday school thing slide.

Am I a horrible father? I certainly hope not but I guess that’s a question best left to my kids’ future therapists.



  1. No, you are not a horrible father. 🙂

    We shouldn’t raise our children bound by the law. We should raise them accustomed to grace. It is better to be graceful than to be lawful. The whole gospel is of grace. Not of law! 🙂

    Forcing children to go to Sunday School doesn’t do any good for them, I think. I think that taking Sunday to share with them your time and love 100% is much better, and would make God happier! 🙂

  2. Playing hooky is fun. Doesn’t mean you are teaching your children bad habits. Do what feels right.

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