Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | December 13, 2009

Sports: good for the kids; often not so good for the parents

So my kid gets a red card on the soccer field. Naturally, as his father, I think its the other kids fault and what do I do?? I run on the field, proceed to embarrass both myself and even worse, my son, whose already feeling bad enough. The ref throws me off the field and off the premises. Total humiliation. But I just can’t help myself. A father’s instinct to stand up for his kid is a powerful thing to try to overcome and I am proud to say, I could not overcome it. I yelled, I screamed and I cursed the ref out as I walked off the field in fear of the entire team forfeiting the game because of me. Talk about poor sportsmanship. I hope my son gets over the embarrassment one day and comes to appreciate the good intentions I had. Not an easy task for a 12 year-old.


  1. nice and very informatif i have the same blog theme about my own experience as a daddy, very nice blog and good opinion and experience to share

  2. I used to referee in my son’s soccer matches, whenever the real linesmen didn’t turn up. Occasionally some parent or another would yell at his own child, or worse, at a child in the other team. It was usually in good spirit, but every so often a parent was asked to leave.

    I can suggest only 2 things. Firstly offer to work for the club every sunday, cutting oranges or massaging wounds or whatever the coach needs.

    Secondly in a few years time, when everybody tells the same story about your hissy fit at dinner tables and bbqs, just laugh 🙂 Your son, once he grows up, will think the incident was hilarious. There is nothing quite as funny as dad making a dickhead of himself in public ha ha.

    My son married a gorgeous Israeli girl and moved to Tel Aviv to live. I don’t mind that at all, except now I don’t get to see my grandchildren play soccer 😦

  3. ohhh lol I bet you hear more about it as his hits his teen years. When kids seem to turn on their parents for a few years. But after that I am sure he will understand.

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