Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | January 7, 2010

Food Shopping ordeal

supermarket shopping has now officially become my most hated chore. I don’t know what to buy anymore. whatever I bring home the kids end up saying it’s no good. when they were younger everything was great.

“Oh my God, Dad thanks…we love Ring Dings!!!”

Now it’s more like, “Dad, are you serious!!??? We don’t like Ring Dings…we like Yodels.”

“Guys,” I say, “Ring Dings are exactly the same as Yodels…just shaped different.”

I get a collective roll of three sets of eyes as they shut the pantry and walk out the kitchen. Nothing is right. Wrong size carrots, always wrong yogurts, bad bread, not rich enough ice creams and wrong flavors. Last week they all liked coffee ice cream, I buy it, but I must have not gotten the memo that this week they hate coffee ice cream. Nothing is right.

Solution: 1. starve 2. Complain 3. Come food shopping with me

The three of them look at each other and in unison respond “2” then walk away.


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