Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | January 8, 2010

Bittersweet Snow

I remember when my kids were younger and we’d watch it snowing outside. They’d be going nuts dying to get out there. I remember bundling them up in a million layers and boots and gloves, hat, scarf, the works and we’d go out there. Whether it was sledding or building a snowman or an igloo or just having a snowball fight, they would never last out in the cold more than a short while before the whining would begin. So after all that dressing up which took forever, we’d be back in the house and now taking off all those same layers, etc. Multiply that by three boys and you get the picture…it was exhausting. But you do it and you don’t complain and you take lots of pictures and that’s all part of being a good dad. Then the wet clothes sit there and you have to dry them out and on and on and on. Yes, I am a bit of a complainer. I like my house neat what can I say.

Well, guess what?? Kids grow up. It snowed the other day and my kids all got out there in the foot high snow. But this time they dressed themselves and they needed me…but only for a ride to their friends’ house. Ouch!! That hurt. It was all normal and they’re growing up and becoming independent and all that good stuff but boy it still stung a bit. How I long for the days of bundling them up and dressing them and playing with them out there.



  1. Perhaps it’s all the same for all dad or mom in the world…
    When our kids become a grown up…then the sweet memory of them when childhood will become a little bittersweet memory….just like ‘Bittersweet Snow’.

    Love your post…
    Wanna hear more..
    Keep blogging, friend!!

  2. There’s nothing wrong with being neat. Agree with you on that. But, with 3 boys, its a another story. We are 3 boys in our family and damn, i know how it is! Patience…..

  3. Aww, Well i envy you right now. I have 4 kids. Two of them need my help getting ready. We are out, then in, then out and then back in again. I can’t wait for summer!

    I also know the feeling of your children growing up. As this year the schools are now having JK students everyday for full days. OMGosh, i am not ready for this. I think i am going to be the one crying when i drop my son off at school. He is growing up fast but this switch in school laws has him growing up that much faster.

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