Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | January 9, 2010


When did kids start taking off early for school vacations??? Christmas break is just shy of two weeks off from school and yet, my kids feel the need to take off one day early. We’re not going anywhere but they claim “everyone is doing it”. How can I argue with that?

“So what if everyone is doing it,” I reply. “Will you smoke and drink if everyone else is doing it?” I asked.

“Come on Dad, that’s different,” they say. “We’re just talking about one extra day. No one’s going to school that day. Come on, Dad, please”

There are already a million kids at my house when they ask me this. How can I say no? I don’t want to be the “uncool” Dad in the neighborhood.

I finally cave and say yes. They jump up and down and tell me how cool I am.

“Oh, and Dad…”


“Could you get us a case of beer??” They crack up, “Just kidding!!!!”



  1. make that two cases. ha ha

  2. You could always get them the beer and have them chug one or two. They won’t be able to hold it and will spew it all about. It cured me of drink at 14. Not the worst case scenario. I know it’s a bad idea.

  3. haha cute. I dont have children yet but I used to tutor a class full of K-3rd graders. I would give them that “would you jump off a bridge” scenarios, but I just simply don;t think it works on kids anymore. ^_^

  4. hehehe!..It´s nothing wrong…for me if they were 15 yrs old above…

  5. Too funny! I bet after you said yes. They all headed to the next friends house to do the same thing to their parents and so on. Until they all got the day off.

  6. well, I will only say I enjoyed a lot while reading this post.

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