Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | February 26, 2010

So my 16 year old is learning to drive…

So my sixteen year-old son just got his driving permit. He gets behind the wheel, moves around all my mirrors and adusts my seat setting and proceeds to terrorize me and his brothers through the streets of our town. I know this is a rite of passage. I am aware of the fact that this is how he’ll learn, but none of that makes it any easier. I try as best I can to keep cool. I try to keep my advice and bits of constructive criticism and driving instructions to a minimum. I find myself moving and swerving helplessly in the passenger seat as he comes too close to another car or rides the shoulder of the road. I tell him to pretend there is a cup of coffee in the cup holder and that his starts and stops should be smooth and gradual so as not to spill any of the imaginary coffee. He likes that and asks me constantly how’s the coffee doing. I tell him “good, you’re doing real good…no spills yet” but I know in my heart I won’t be drinking coffee anytime soon while he’s driving.


  1. Oh, funny! You got it just right!!!! (I like the coffee idea, though!!!) Just wait until he gets his license!!
    Lindsey Petersen

  2. Time definitely flies by. One moment we are feeding our kids the next thing we know he/she is now ready to drive. What’s important is we treasure and savor every moment.

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