Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | February 27, 2010

Just got back from vacation

Just got back from Florida with my boys. Each time we go down there we wonder what it is we’re still doing here. Lots of friends of mine have made the move (kids and all) and love it. They swear by it. They don’t understand what we’re still doing here in Jersey in the cold. Each time it snows, I will get a text or call or facebook message from one of these ex-New Yorker Floridians — “Heard you guys got 8 inches of snow?!!”

what can I say? How can I explain why we live in a cold, rainy, snowy place where we pay outrageous real estate taxes, ridiculous home heating bills and are forced to live indoors for half the year. I get it. It’s pretty down there. They have sun and beaches and palm trees. People venture out of their houses year round. Okay, so what if you eat dinner at 4 (there’s nothing wrong with the early bird deal).



  1. It’s good to take some time off from work and spend some quality time with your kids. i envy you because even though you have a busy schedule you can still find time with your sons. I miss my dad~

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