Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | February 28, 2010

My kids and school

It cracks me up how the kids these days seem to never go to school. If it’s not a holiday then it’s a snow day (with barely an inch of snow on the ground). And if it’s not a teacher convention week then it’s a half day for parent/teacher conferences. What is there to confer with the teacher about? With all the breaks, my kids barely been in school. This entire week my tenth grader has midterms. What that means is he goes in at the regular time, takes one exam each day and gets out an hour and a half later. That’s it! Each day he gets out of school at 9:00 AM… for an ENTIRE WEEK!!!!!!!

It’s crazy. Whatever happened to the minimum number of days per year that a child has to attend school to advance? Well, at least there’s one thing to be grateful for….at least my boys aren’t in private school…they have even fewer school days.


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