Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | March 2, 2010

watching the game with my boys

Just finished watching the Jet game with my boys and all their friends. It’s a nice thing to have them all here cheering on our team and going crazy together with each completed pass and running play. It calls to mind the days when all the dads and their kids would go out to the field at the elementary school, choose up sides and have a touch football game. It seems like it was just yesterday when my boys would beg me to play in those games. Today, I find it the other way around. I’m begging them to go out and play and they’re the ones with the reasons why they can’t.

“Dad, come on…it’s too cold.”

“Dad, come on…we’re playing Call of Duty…move out of the way…PLEASE.”

“Dad, we’re hangin with our friends.”

WOW!! When did that happen? When did I become so incidental to their lives. Boy, I miss hangin with them. We still live under one roof but I sure do miss them. I wonder what it will feel like when they’re actually away.



  1. I have read some of your post and i have noticed that you really are so proud of your sons. Time flies by so fast before we noticed they are starting to live on their own.

  2. This story is the exact reason why parents must be aware of how fast things will change …not to mention how as you so eloquently put it ..’become so incidental’ to our little innocent babies.
    Life is most definitely like that.
    For me…it seems the older my 4 children get…the more they want to be around me. I guess everyone has a different story.
    Fact is…the family ties go far deeper than we ever realize:)

  3. I am going through a similar situation with a teenage daughter, amazing how they just kind of push you off to the side. Hurts a little but I get it.

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