Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | March 4, 2010

Growing up is hard to do (for parents too, not just for the kids)

This past snowfall offered me a unique glimpse back to my own childhood. With the outrageous amount of snow, my boys and I went outside and built igloos. We piled up the snow in three huge mounds, packed it in, rounded out the structures and then each of my three boys went to work carving out the insides. It was like a small construction site. Shovels of differing sizes digging in and coming out with heaps of snow. Discarded snow flying in all directions as the igloos’ insides begin to take shape and get carved out. Soon, the boys are actually inside their respective igloos chopping away at the ceilings and walls. I bounce around from igloo to igloo lending a hand. It seems like just yesterday when I was inside one of those things happily digging away. When did I have three boys? When did I get promoted from worker igloo project manager?

when we’re done, there are three good sized igloos standing out there like a small Arctic condominium development. The four of us are wet and cold and we go inside for hot chocolate. childhood memories flood over me. I sit with my boys and I am happy.



  1. Oh, small Arctic condos…how CUTE!!! I have pleasant childhood memories of snow huts, but ours were not so sophisticated!!!!

    Lindsey Petersen

  2. Heey Ofer! Usually I don’t “Tweet”, but I’ve been reading you articles and I was amazed!!! I guess it is not the usual, at least in my enviorment, to read the experience of a single dad from this perspective!. In the distance I always keep you in mind!!!! A big hug
    Norma, the mexicana

    • Norma,
      Thank you. Your kind words are much appreciated!

  3. When did you get to be in charge? The time it passes faster and faster. We are no longer young and invincible. I wish you had taken pictures of the igloos. If ever you post them, let me know.

  4. Continued … Yesterday, Joe and I were eating pizza at Ledo’s and the television played an ad for Orlando’s newest place to visit. Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. I exclaimed, “I want to go there!” He rolled his eyes at me in disbelief that I really wanted to go there. I told him, “I’ll just go without you then.” I think he was ticked off that I would really leave him at home. I’ll never grow up. 😛

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