Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | April 26, 2010

Staying up is hard to do

Why is it that I find myself unable to sleep in anymore? On non-school days my kids get up later and later and I get up earlier and earlier. Is this the onset of old age? The other day I got up at six am and couldn’t go back to sleep. Given that it was a Saturday morning, I knew my kids wouldn’t be up for several hours. I paid a few bills, straightened up the family room and walked the dog. Now it was 6:30. I decided to take my just delivered copy of The New York Times to the local coffee shop. I sat down, ordered a coffee and proceeded to read the paper. An hour later my ADD kicked in and I was antsy again. I headed back home, picked up my dog and took her to the reservation where we met up with some friends and their dogs. We had a good hike while the dogs ran like crazy off leash.

I picked up bagels on the way home and still my kids were not up. I felt like I had lived an entire day and my kids were still sound asleep in their beds. Is it any wonder that I need a nap by the afternoon? Is it any wonder that my kids stay up way late into the night and I can barely keep my eyes open for SNL?



  1. Ofer!! it is age!!!! I do not have kids and I also wake up that early even on sundays… so we are older but still young and cool at heart!!!!
    a kis from the mexicana!!!

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