Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | May 3, 2010

Kids and forms

I hate forms. I hate paperwork of any kind. I know that sounds crazy given the fact that I’m a lawyer but still– I hate filling out forms. That’s probably why I did NOT go into the field of accounting. Anyway, my personal feelings toward paperwork/forms notwithstanding…as the father of three boys I find that I spend an exorbitant amount of time…FILLNG OUT FORMS. There are school forms, medical forms, lunch, milk and school trip forms. Let’s not forget sports forms–baseball, soccer, basketball, etc. Every sport any one of them play requires on average at least two to three forms per kid per sport. How about camp? Forget about it…camp is the ultimate form monster. Signing them up, bunk requests, transportation (for the camper and the trunk), specialty activity forms, medical, dietary…you name it — the camp’s got a form for it.

Wait, what about when the kids get a little older? There’s working papers for when he wants a job. There’s driving forms for when he wants to drive. Need I even mention college applications???!!!

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