Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | May 12, 2010

Planning a bar mitzvah

I am planning my kids’ bar mitzvah. I have twins so luckily for me its a two for one deal. It’s not even a service, it’s just the party they’re having for their friends. And, it’s just in our backyard. And yet, it’s still the equivalent of putting on a Broadway show. Food, tent, DJ, video, photographer, tables, chairs, linens, lifeguards, valet parking, T-shirt give-aways, invitations. The one thing we did right was to make the invites by email—a great online company called Paperless Post. I wish the rest of it were that easy. But my kids are being very helpful I must say. They are the ones who gathered up all their friends’ emails and sent out the massive email blast to everyone. They are the ones who are coordinating the RSVP responses. They are the ones who dreamed up and sketched the design for their T-shirts. As for me, I’m just the ATM machine.



  1. hahahaha!!!!, sounds like a super cool bar-mitvah!!!

  2. Why no service? I thought that was the point? I like them myself. 🙂

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