Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | May 31, 2010

Official start of summer

memorial day—the official kickoff to summer. Its hard to believe its here already. Its hard to believe my kids will be going back for their 6th summer at the same sleep-away camp. Its hard to believe that its been over 40 years since I began to attend camp. 40 years — I can’t even believe the sound of that number. Where did all that time go? I feel like it was a lifetime ago. Someone else’s lifetime; not even my own. I try to keep myself from thinking about where I’ll be another 40 years from now. If I’ll be. Wow, thats too heavy to even think about.
Then again, 40 years is still kind of a chunk of time. I can still do a lot with that time. I can reinvent myself if I want to. I can start chiseling away at that list of things to do before I die. I can watch my kids grow into adults, take wives and have children of their own. I can spend time with my grandchildren. I can watch the passage of time from a comfortable vantage point and embrace it.


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