Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | June 16, 2010

World cup brings family together

I am enjoying watching the World Cup matches with my boys. Normally, one of my guys likes watching baseball (which I find painfully boring), the other football and a third basketball. We can never agree on what to watch. The same goes for TV shows. But the World Cup has brought us together. We filled out one of those pool sheets, we track the wins and losses and the point totals for each group. The games become an event with them and often some of their friends coming over to watch with us. Since soccer is my sport of choice I am being consulted for a change. My opinion matters and they actually pay attention to my predictions.

I am enjoying my new found popularity. It’s a shame the World Cup is only once every four years.



  1. Heey Ofer! what is your prediction for Mexico-France?

    • Mexico of course!!!!!!!!!!!

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