Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | July 19, 2010

Summer Parties for Parents

With summer in full swing our town becomes a bit of a ghost town with everyone’s kids off to sleep-away camp somewhere. The summer parties have begun. We walk around with beers and glasses of mojitos or sangrias and mingle in our neighbors’ kitchens and backyards and family rooms. And we talk about our golf and tennis games and sometimes even work. But mostly, we talk about our kids. We ask each other what the kids are doing for the summer.

Where do they go to camp?

How long are they gone for?

How many summers have they been going there?

When’s visiting day?

In each little circle of conversation the questions are the same and, for the most part, so are the answers.

Katie’s doing a seven week program. She loves it. It’s her fifth summer there.

We just got a letter from Jonny….he’s having a great time. We might extend him for another month.

You’d think us adults might just enjoy our little bit of freedom from our kids. You’d think we just might have something a bit more interesting to discuss. Guess not.


  1. Hi Ofer

    Hey we don’t get children’s summer camps in the UK… we should really change our culture.

    Crumbs, it would be nice to have a parent summer camp too for recharging our batteries???

    Have a nice summer!


  2. Thanks for a good information I will think about to go in this summer to go with my family


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