Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | August 1, 2010

Kids are back from summer camp and…

So two of my three boys are home. the third one is still away at camp and from what I can tell from the pictures– having a great time. Meanwhile, back at the ranch….food shopping has begun again. The fridge and the pantry are once again filling up and so too is my waistline. I was able to lose ten pounds while the kids were away for a month. They’ve been home a week and already the weight is creeping back on. where’s the self discipline? where’s my will power and self control? do I need to send them away again all for the sake of a couple pounds.


  1. Hi Ofer,

    What a conundrun, kids away….miss them but lose weight, or have kids back (happy) and put weight back on….

    I go for the kids home….but snack healthily! Try it…you will break the habit after 4 weeks!

    Enjoy them…


  2. You’re in great shape. just continue eating whatever you ate when they were away.enjoy them love them but you don’t have to eat everything they’s challenging but you can do it 🙂

    • Hey cc how are you

  3. Good thanks and you? Looking forward to lunch

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