Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | August 8, 2010

Tennis as a Bonding Experience

My boys and I have been playing a lot of tennis lately. Its good; it brings us closer. There’s only so much that teenage boys are willing to do with their dad. grab dinner, catch a movie (rarely), come on — there’s not much. but tennis is easy, grab a racquet, a can of balls and we’re off and running. It’s a workout, its a bonding experience and its fun and competitive at the same time. There’s some arguing, some angry curses muttered under breath and the occassional raquet throwing. But overall, we enjoy each other. A bad call which leads to some choice words and the inevitable fight–ultimately still leads to some joke, some teasing and a good story later on.



  1. Love tennis. who knows you may be rearing the next Nadal? Definitely good bonding,even with all the trantrums and what have you.Always a good memory. Enjoy the US Open. Take care

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