Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | September 20, 2010

Three Generations of Soccer

It’s a special day when three generations of soccer players all in one family can be together to enjoy a sunday afternoon. That’s what our family shared this past sunday. My twin boys both had soccer games; one travel one recreation. I, as the sandwich generation, coached the rec game and sat on the sidelines for the other. My father attended, as he always does, both games. He was the generation that brought us to this country. As a professional soccer player in Israel he was offered a scholarship here in the U.S. to play soccer. I played the sport all my life but only recreationally–I was not the athlete my father was. And now, over forty years later I find my boys playing the sport.

Decades have past, we’ve gotten older. My father has long been retired, my hair has turned gray, my boys are growing older faster than I would like but the sport of soccer remains unchanged. And the thrill of scoring a goal has not diminished in all that time. Today, I was lucky enough to enjoy that thrill again. Actually, five times all in one day. My boys made me and their grandpa proud.



  1. I was always so proud of my dad.So glad you have such great bond with yours.what a great legacy.Yeah to grandpa the soccer player and all his offsprings

  2. Even if I fell sad your writing book or blog makes me feel better

    • I’m glad that my writing cheers you up.
      Thank you for the comment.

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