Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | September 24, 2010

Snake Hunting in Suburban NJ

So last night I’m sitting in a classroom in the Millburn Middle School during back-to-school night and I get a frantic call from a friend. Naturally, I do not answer the phone so she texts me that she has an emergency. I text back what is it–I’m kind of busy. She texts me back she has a snake in her pool could I come get it out. I tell her I cannot at least for a while since I’m at my kids back-to-school night. By the time I get out she informs me the snake is gone.

By morning, I get a new text–snake is back and taking another dip in the pool. I rush over there with my buddy who happened to be with me in the car at the time. Sure enough, the snake is doing laps in her pool. We pull the snake out — a garter snake — and she gives us a pull string bag (from Apple store) to put it in. she thanks us both and we’re thinking we could have our own reality show — suburban snake hunters or something. We get back in the car, start chatting and at the first red light I decide to check on the snake. The bag is empty and the snake is crawling under the dashboard. My buddy lets out an embarrassing scream and by the time I pull the car over the snake has completely wiggled its way up and into the console of the car.

We pop open the hood, we take apart the dashboard console, we search for over an hour — snake is nowhere to be found. So now I’m driving a Chevy Tahoe with a garter snake somewhere under the hood.

TRUE STORY!!! I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Ofer Aronskind is an author and when he is not hunting snakes in suburban New Jersey he writes children’s mystery books.



  1. hahahaha!!!! this is good story Ofer!

  2. Did that frisky snake ever reveal itself or is it still cruising with you in your Chevy Tahoe?

  3. Back to school nite intense enough how did you keep from cracking up?

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