Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | October 22, 2010

Fall is Sports

Fall is my favorite season. I guess because the change in leaves is so short-lived, the shortness of the whole thing makes it that much more valuable. Just the idea of it brings to mind colors and smells and the cool crispness of the air. The leaves changing color, the chill forcing you to put on a sweater , apple and pumpkin picking. I love hot apple cider and putting the fireplace back into use after the long summer. Taking my dog for a long walk in the woods then coming back to our neighborhood streets and picking up the scent of wood burning in fireplaces.

But with three boys playing sports, fall has taken on new meaning. Fall has now become long rides into the Jersey coutryside for travel soccer. Fall is unfolding a canvas chair and planting myself to watch a tennis match. It’s coaching my boys’ in-town recreation soccer team. As much as I’d love to get away to New England and see the leaves change and stay in some cute B&B, it doesn’t even compare to enjoying the season with my boys and their sports.

Ofer Aronskind is an author of adventure books for kids and is a single dad of 3 teenage boys.



  1. Autumn (Fall) is by far the best season here in Paris where I live. Strangly, the Paris trees are still in leaf and it is almost November.

    • Marikyn,
      Yes, this has been a strange season… We’ve not really had a normal autumn here either.

  2. you are really the best dad, next to mine. B&B is always there when you need refreshment.

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