Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | October 24, 2010

Weight Loss for Dads

This is a guest post by Alex Chris.

Alex can help you learn how to lose weight the natural way. He is also a dad of 2 boys.

Did you ever recall those good old days when you could still wear fitting shirts and not seeing your belly sag out? Or do you ever wish to see something else in between, aside from your tummy, when you look down to your toes? You can bring back your lean college physique by losing weight. I didn’t say it is easy, but it’s not impossible. Being a Dad does not mean that you should completely neglect yourself and body. Taking care of your health and fitness is not only a woman’s ‘thing’ but it is also your job and responsibility. This article is by no means a complete guide on what you need to do to lose weight but it can give you a few ideas on how to begin.

Tip #1 Make it a non-sedentary job

It’s good if you have or can find a non-sedentary job where you can earn more or just as much to support your family. However, if you can’t, then you need to make the most out of it. Some ways to burn calories while at work includes taking the stairs, volunteering to run extra errands, doing simple exercises on the remaining lunch break minutes instead of dozing off, and riding a bike or walking to work. If your schedule is too tide and there is no extra time for moving around while at work then you definitely need to find some time to go to the gym or engage into sports and other physical activities. I’m sorry to tell you but your thought alone cannot help you lose pounds neither do the marketing chimes tics of the type “How to lose 10 pounds in a week” or “Burn fat, feet the muscle”. weight loss can be achieved only if you work hard, there are no miracles or fast paths.

Tip #2 Weight loss competitions

Propose a friendly weight loss competition with your fellow dad buddies. You may start by putting $25 each on the pot and whoever loses the biggest weight percentage on a specific length of time gets the total pot money. The bigger the money at stake is, the more effort you’ll exert to lose weight. With such competition, everyone is a sure winner because even if you do not get the grand price, you’ll get the consolation price of losing weight.

Tip #3 Trade poker nights with sports night

Talk to your buddies and propose the idea skipping poker nights and go bowling, swimming, or shooting some hoops instead. This way, you’ll not only be saving yourself some dollars, if in case you lost a round, but you are all going to benefit from the engagement into something active and physical.

Tip #4 Play with your kids

The difference between a moms’ play and a dads’ play is that, daddies have the tendency to go down to their kid’s level during play. Go ahead and be a kid again, as you give them a piggy-back ride, run around the house with them, or play cowboys and Indians with them. Playing with your kids does not only promote bonding but gives you and your children the opportunity to burn some calories while having fun as well.

Tip #5 Think about your family

Most men failed losing weight because they do not have the right motivation to do so. Motivation is the key for permanent weight loss. Losing weight does improve your sex life, but think more than that. Think of your family and how much you want to be with them longer. Think how it feels seeing your kids graduate from college. Think how your grandchildren would look like. Having the right motivation on why you want to lose weight increases your success rate by 90%.


  1. Hey there!

    Excellent post…I quite agree…

    It’s a simple point to make … calories in v calories out! If you eat like a horse then you’ve got to work out too. More moderate eating will allow you to do less exercise.

    I love to eat, so my secret is sensible eating & going to the gym… also, making sure I eat breakfast … snacking only on fruit in the day. That’s followed by a nice supper with not too much alcohol.

    As with everything in life, it’s about balance. Balancing the bad things you eat with some fruit and fibre!

    By the way, don’t be too hard on yourself…we we’re in much better shape than our Dad’s were at our age???

    Best regards


    • Wayne,
      Thank you so much for your comment! I too think that health is vital to happiness

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