Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | November 17, 2010

Using Using Fun Rewards To Motivate Your Kids

This is a guest post by Kate Klemens

Kate Klemens helped design the children’s gift baskets collection. When Kate is not designing new products she enjoys spending time with family, reading classic novels, & learning more about technology.

Many parents struggle to find a reasonable way of motivating children to do a number of things. It could be getting good grades, doing chores around the house, being on their best behavior, or anything else you’d expect. There are two primary ways when it comes to motivation. The first one is by creating fear and the second one is by offering rewards. I’m not too fond of putting fear in children but I do have some wonderful ideas when it comes to rewarding children.

This process boils down to three simple steps, here they are:

1) Write down the goal

The goal is the action step you’d like your kid to take. It’s very important that you have a clearly defined goal. For example, “I want Lisa to get an A+ in her English class this year”. By doing this you’ll be able to clearly measure how successful you’ve been once finished.

2) Discover the pleasure point

You can’t just throw candy in front your child & expect results. You’ve got to discover what they find pleasure in most. This is the toughest of the three steps because every child is different and there’s no set of rules for this one. A neat idea is to order a variety of children’s gift baskets and use them for every task.

3) Put it to the test

Approach your child in a kind manner and explain the situation in detail. Make it obvious that you’ve already decided on an awesome reward if and only if they deliver on their promise. You’ll quickly know if the reward has worked or not by being as up-front as possible.


  1. Good post. I will share it with my friend at work who’s having difficulty with her son’s school performance. Thanks!

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