Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | March 10, 2011

help your kids feel loved at home

This guest post was written by Lance Williams

Lance Williams and is what some might call H.A.D.D. (Hobby Attention Deficit Disorder) He loves everything from rebuilding commercial truck parts to designing websites and reading books.

Being a parent is hard work. Our children have minds of their own, agendas that don’t match our own and attitudes that are difficult to manage. With all that we deal with as a parent, perhaps the single most important thing we can do for our children is to love them. The love they feel from you will carry them through hard times and help define the character they develop. Here are five ways to make sure your love for them is sinking in and making a difference.

Spend time with your kids

It’s not just a myth that children spell love T-I-M-E. Spending time with them will help them gain a sense of worth. They will trust you more and during the times you are together they will open up about their day, their worries and ask questions.

Teach Through Activities

Do things together that allow you to both express your interests and talents. Don’t think that just because you are working on the truck in the garage your child can’t participate. Show them the commercial truck parts that you are installing. Educate them about the difference between a muffler and alternator. Don’t forget to show interest when they want to teach you something as well. They will think that you don’t know anything about it, but even if you do, pretend you don’t.

Support your kids

Show through your actions that you are your child’s best fan. If they are participating in a piano recital, a basketball game or a science fair be sure to attend and show your support. Cheer loud and encourage them to put forth their best effort.

Set boundaries

Through all the support and teaching, be sure to establish boundaries as well. It’s easy to think that being a friend to your child is more important than their parent. A parent sets boundaries about curfews, entertainment choices, respect for others, what is eaten at dinner among many other things. Sometimes (ok, most of the time) they will not agree with you but they will gain a respect for your willingness to put their best interest at heart.

Say yes whenever possible

Setting boundaries is important but do not get caught up in always influencing with your own opinion. Perhaps you are headed to a friends house and your child wants to wear his snow boots (and it’s the middle of June). This would be a good time to allow them to express their individuality. It doesn’t really matter that they are wearing shoes that don’t match the sunny afternoon outside. Say yes whenever it doesn’t conflict with safety or kindness.



  1. Thanks for giving good advice to loved our children.

    I like your advice

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