Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | May 13, 2011

Democracy on The Internet

So I’m alerted by an organization called the Circle of Moms that my blog dadinreallife is among 25 finalists in a blog contest about single parenting. I am all excited. I send emails to all my friends. My kids do the same. I put it on my FB wall. I start getting votes. Then yesterday I go to see how I’m doing and I see that my blog was removed from the contest. It takes us a day to get an answer — apparently I was accused of buying votes…paying people to vote for me.

I was never asked if it was true, never given a chance to defend myself and no proof was entered against me. It took 24 hours to convince the powers that be that they were mistaken, that all my votes were genuine and UNpaid for and that my blog should be restored. About ten minutes ago it was.

But I will say this was a lesson in democracy (or in this case, the lack thereof). Last I checked we were still living in America where you are innocent until proven guilty. Is the opposite true in cyber world??

I submit NOT. Now I’d love to continue lecturing on the point but I have to stop now….it’s time for me to vote for my blog again.

If you like my blog I invite you to go to and vote for me; although I will not be paying anyone for votes!


  1. just voted…good luck..Eliza Keating

    • Thank you!

  2. Hi Ofer, I tried to vote again yesterday and was worried when you weren’t on the list. Glad you’re back in the game. I was able to vote today…Gooood Luck !!! cc

  3. I was wondering what happened. Noticed you were gone and then back again. Good luck to all!

    • Yes… There were some technocal issues… but I’m back now!
      Please make sure to vote! They allow you to vote once per day, so please vote often!

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