Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | May 27, 2011

Special Father Son Night

Last night was a good night. It was a throwback to when my kids were a bit younger. To a time when we weren’t all scattered in different directions. It began that way though — one off to an awards dinner, another to baseball and the third hanging with friends. But later on in the evening they all began to trickle home. Then at 9 my oldest suggests we go out and shoot hoops. I jumped at the idea and immediately went out there with him before he changed his mind. After a few minutes the other two go out there and we get a game of two-on-two off the ground. We had a blast. Picks, rolls, outside shots, drives to the hoop and plenty of fouls and trash talking. Just like the old days.

After the game we all jumped into the pool to cool off. We hung out outside for a while talking and drinking iced teas. My boys opened up to me about school, friends, girlfriends. It was a special night. If you can squeeze in a night like that every now and then you stay connected and that is everything.


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