Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | May 31, 2011

How to Convince Your Teen to Wear Glasses

As a teenager, glasses could be an embarrassing accessory and provoke nicknames such as ‘four-eyes’. Whether the teen is worried about being called names or they just don’t like the look of glasses paired with their clothes, it is important that they are worn in order to maintain good visual health. Even visiting an optometrist cannot be enough for some teenagers to continue using their glasses, so it is best to try out different methods that may help change their mind on wearing glasses.

Investing in Stylish Glasses

One of the first things a parent should try when convincing their teenager to keep their glasses on is to help them choose out a pair. While it is likely that the parent needs to set a budget, they should allow the teen to look over the different options on their own. While the teen looks over the glasses, it can be helpful to have the optometrist help show them the pairs that will frame their features in the most flattering way. When a teenager has control over the pair of glasses they choose, it is likely that they feel more comfortable with the option selected.

Showing Pictures of Celebrities

A great way to motivate a teenager to begin wearing their glasses is by showing them famous people who also wear them. Many people write off glasses as ‘uncool’, so it can be helpful for them to see celebrities they look up to wearing a pair. A huge celebrity that is often seen wearing a pair of glasses is Johnny Depp. Another prime example for males is Kanye West and Justin Timberlake. For girls, Tina Fey and Pink both wear glasses regularly and make the look very stylish. Seeing celebrities wearing their glasses on the red carpet and during interviews can help a teenager see the cool side of wearing them.

Getting Help from a Friend

Sometimes a teenager may be rebelling against the idea of glasses simply because their parent is pushing them. Instead of going at it time and time again, it can be helpful to have another adult speak to the teen. Somebody else may help motivate the teen to wear their glasses without feeling their parent is pushing them to. This person could be a coach, teacher, friend, or other relative.

Considering the Use of Contacts

If the teenager fails to wear glasses, even after implementing all the other tips, it may be best to consider the contacts route. Speaking to an optometrist, a parent can see if their teen is a candidate for switching to contacts. There are plenty of comfortable and affordable options available if the optometrist recommends them.

Failure to wear glasses when a teenager begins having eye problems can result in bigger health issues in the future, so it is important to consider the different methods to help motivate them. Allowing them to choose their own frames, speaking to other adults, and checking out famous celebrities with glasses are all good ideas to help push the teen to wear their glasses.

This guest post was written by Sara Roberts

Sara Roberts writes for Just Eyewear, a discount eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses online retailer.


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