Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | June 6, 2011

Modern PROM Nite’

Yesterday afternoon was an eye opener. Prom night in suburban New Jersey. I have a son so mind you its a whole lot easier than a girl, but still. First the suit…okay normal stuff. Corsage…standard fare. But then the pre-prom parties scattered throughout the neighborhood. Pre-prom — a party before the actual party. Orchestrated by parents to get the kids together so the parents can ooh and ahh and take lots of pictures. My son and I attended two; there had to be at least a couple dozen more going on.

Food, drinks and more cameras flashing than a movie premier. All the boys together, all the girls together, then everyone all together with their dates, then individual shots with and without dates, then the family shots. Parents directing everytihng and the poor kids obliging and smiling until their teeth hurt. After about an hour of torturing our kids they are finally released from our grasp and go have some fun at the actual prom.

But wait, we’re not quite done with them yet. The poor kids only get a few hours to themselves before they come back to the …. you guessed it…the post-prom party. This is where it really gets good. Parents organizing sleep-over parties (yes, you read right…sleepover…) for their kids. CO-ED !!!!!!!!!! The kids come back from prom, change into something “more comfortable” and go to someone’s house with a bunch of other kids to sleepover WITH their dates. LIFE IS GOOD for these kids. Wow, where were these parents when I was a kid having to sneak around behind their backs.


  1. I guess, times have indeed changed 🙂
    …for the better, I must say ..hehe

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