Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | July 16, 2011

Summertime Surprises

So its just me and the dogs. Kids are all gone for the summer — camp and various activities. Our town is like a ghost town with everyone away or down the shore. No problem getting good parking spots. Weather’s been great. Went up to the Berkshires for a long weekend. Funny story– so my girlfriend Lesley and I are having breakfast in this tiny little coffee shop in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and as we’re talking I mention that I’d love to see James Taylor in Tanglewood. I wondered if in fact he might be playing there that weekend because JT often plays there. Our breakfasts arrive and maybe five minutes later a little old lady with a straw hat and sunglasses approaches our table and taps me on the shoulder. I turn around, look at her but don’t recognize her. The Queens kid in me wonders what’s the story here? Does she want money?

The old lady asks us, “Would you two youngsters (Lesley and I loved that part) like to go to Tanglewood tonight? James Taylor is playing and my husband and I can’t use the tickets?”

Naturally, I start looking around the place to see if someone’s playing a joke on us. Maybe Ashton Kutsher is going to jump out from behind a table or something.

But it’s no joke, no hidden cameras. I ask if I may look at the tickets …the Queens kid in me inspects them for irregularities (last year’s date, last night’s concert, something, some scam). They look good. They look great actually — seats up close to the stage in the shed. We do a bit of friendly price negotiating (lawyer in me coming out now), look both ways and exchange money for tickets. We thank the lady, turn back to each other and question ourselves whether this really just happened.

About eight hours later we are seated a few rows back at a sold-out James Taylor concert rocking with the rest of the altekakers there!!

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