Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | August 16, 2011

I Need a Hobby

With three teenage boys and two high-maintenance dogs you’d think I’d have plenty of material to blog about. And I do…usually. The problem is that my boys have been away all summer and the dogs have, uncustomarily, been on their best behavior. Work has been on the quiet side over the summer and that all adds up to very little to blog about. I take my dogs out for a daily walk/run (mostly walk these days), I read the paper over an iced coffee, run some errands and by ten-thirty am I’m already looking for something to do. The problem is that I wake up at six. I just can’t sleep in anymore. By noon I feel like I already lived a whole day. By two I’m ready for a nap. By ten pm I’m ready for bed.

See without the boys home I have no lunches to make, no after-school activities to shuttle between, no homework to supervise and no one to yell at to clean up their room. It’s a problem. I may need to look into getting a hobby. Either that or wait out the couple of weeks till everyone’s home again.



  1. Hi Ofer

    With 3 growing girls of 13, 10 & 7, I am dreading that time already!

    Life gets easier as they get older in that you do get a full night’s sleep, they help clean up and my 13 year old is a great cook… so its easier. However, I miss that dependence and being tired from lack of sleep ensures you always fall asleep easily!

    I can’t sit still now when I have 1/2 an hour free time…what will I be like in the future is a really worry!

    Thanks for the post.

    best regards

    Wayne Evans

  2. Hey Ofer…you’re writing and your books are great … why not check out an art or photography class to further your artistic urge…New School in NYC has great continuing ed courses 🙂 C

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