Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | August 26, 2011

My Summer Memories

I was working around the house today…my old house…the one I used to live in when my kids were babies. Now that house is a rental and I was preparing it for the next tenant. I went from room to room changing light bulbs, checking the locks, opening windows, etc….But what I was really doing was reliving the past. Its not like I wanted to…its involuntary…no control over it. For good or for bad the memories washed over me like I was stepping into a movie…my own home movie that played over a decade ago. I went into my old bedroom where my three little boys and I used to hang out in my bed under the covers watching TV. Across from it was the bathroom where all four of us somehow managed to fit into the shower together to wash up. The thought of that happening today cracks me up. I walked into my boys’ old bedroom where all three of them used to sleep. My twins in a bunk bed and my older guy in a blue car-shaped bed in the corner by the window. That boy now drives…a real car.

I went out back by the pool where I taught the younger two to swim when they were just two and a half years old. It was the same summer I potty-trained them. They used to swim naked, get out of the water to pee in the ivy then jump back into the pool. I’d throw them into the water and watch them panic, then begin to doggy paddle back to the edge of the pool. By the end of that summer that were diving underwater and swimming beautifully. I walked out to the basketball court in the driveway where we used to shoot hoops. I pushed the giant swing in the front yard that hangs from the giant oak tree. I remember tossing the rope up to the overhanging limb a million times until it finally caught. I remember the look of sheer terror on my boys’ faces as I swung them so high. They’d scream, beg for me to stop, then race back for another turn right away. That house held a lot of memories for us. It was a good house…our home…it was the place where my boys — my now teenage boys — were just little kids. Its the place where they will forever be frozen in time as my babies.



  1. What a nice article. I really enjoyed it. It is good to have memories like the past with you and your children. Thanks, SAlly

  2. Sweet memories…I’m sure your boys cherish those times as well…why does time fly?

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