Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | May 3, 2011

Vote for Me!

This blog was nominated as one of the best blogs on the web about single parenting, and I need your vote! Please go to, Blogs on Single Parenting and click on the thumbs up next to “Dad In Real Life”.

You can vote once every 24 hours, so please vote often and please ask your friends to vote.



  1. done! goood luck Ofer!!!

  2. I read your blog and it brought tears to my eyes, too. I taught freshman English for many years so I really do recognize writing that stands out from all the rest. I did notice a couple of typos and recommend you have someone proofread your blog if you really want to win the contest.

    I have a 23 yr. old son who has now been out of college for two years, but that day I dropped him off at his dorm room six years ago is like a Kodak moment in my mind. It is tough on the parents, and I was a single parent, too. I suffered from empty nest syndrome in the worst way.

    Rest assured that even though children need to go away from us to grow up and experience life, if you raised them with love, they will be back after college and they will still look to you for support and approval and love. Good luck to you.

    • Stephanie,
      Thank you for your advice and for your kind words!
      I will try to pay more attention to my grammar, and I really appreciate your support and your vote!

  3. Phi Alpha Brother Ofer,

    Great article that I will pass on to the other alumni in Dayton area.

    Good Luck and Gofer It!

    Pa Chi Omicron

    • Tony,
      Thank you!

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